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Can i mix body paint with RCMA foundation?

2021.10.28 01:17 funnugget56 Can i mix body paint with RCMA foundation?

hello, can i mix red/blue/green creme body paint to my rcma vk 11 Foundation shades to create my client's desired undertone (i do bridal makeup)? (i can't buy actual undertone adjusters as they don't ship to my country)
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2021.10.28 01:17 YouMustBeJokingSir I missed d4. Thank god I saved a free square for my horsey next to my king.

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2021.10.28 01:17 PyDevThrowawayAcc Team Lead not helping

I joined this company with couple of other new hires. Recently, I was working with another new hire on a project where I did majority of the work under a team lead. The thing is that the team lead is very friendly towards the other new hire. Always patting on his back, saying good things about him in meetings and so on. I didn't really care much about this. But recently, he congratulated the other new hire during the meeting for great work on the project that we both did but didn't mention me. This bugged me a little. But now we have moved onto separate projects and I needed some help with the codebase. So, I asked to setup a meeting with the lead but he said he was busy the whole week. Meanwhile, the other guy also asked him for help on his project and he was down to meet him to discuss it the same day.
Its obvious he like the other guy more and I don't have problem with it but he should be treating everyone professionally and with same respect no? My manager is also new and the team lead is sort of acting manager currently so I don't know what to do? I feel like I am being setup to fail. And my morale has just gone down.
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2021.10.28 01:17 gem_3000 Gorgeous

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2021.10.28 01:17 HawkEye1000x LHYFE: Offshore ecological hydrogen

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2021.10.28 01:17 defakboi dropping my logo idea here cos the Option A looks a bit ridiculous to me (i prefer option A rather than B, but i think it could improve or else it looks like egg summoning logo)

dropping my logo idea here cos the Option A looks a bit ridiculous to me (i prefer option A rather than B, but i think it could improve or else it looks like egg summoning logo) submitted by defakboi to dot [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 01:17 Environmental_Ad6884 THE PUNISHER MARVEL

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2021.10.28 01:17 Tobeykinz Are the yeezy 500 utility black non slip?

I’m starting a new job soon and they require all black non slip shoes, I figure I may as well be dropped out while I work. Would these shoes be considered non slip?
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2021.10.28 01:17 calgarytab Water profile of extract brew with R/O water?

So I was wondering if anyone knows what water minerals come along with DME? I'd assume if I used distilled or O water and DME, I don't need to add calcium to get the recommend 50 ppm, as the DME is first made in a mash that has a 'reasonable' water minerals. Is this just a black box that no one, except the extract makers will know for sure? This really comes into play when you want to make specific water profiles for specific styles of beer such as a west Coast IPA, but the but question is how much sulfate (ppm) is in the wort after mixing the DME.
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2021.10.28 01:17 NukaCheri Once you see the hand coming out of his mouth it cannot be unseen.

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2021.10.28 01:17 Reasonable-Gal Spider identification in Colorado

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2021.10.28 01:17 I_Want_Power_1611 Love and romance: a different perspective

This is something that I've been thinking for a long time but didn't know where to share it since it could be considered quite...offensive? Unpopular opinion?
Hear me out, society's rules and expectations about love and romance are weird. Very weird.
I know most of you are romantic, but I'm about to share the perspective from someone who is also aromantic.
Where do I even start?
I don't wanna make this too long, so let's go straight to the point: Making one person the center of your existence is...odd.
Let me explain. Something I've been struggling to understand and have debated from long before I knew I was aroace, is how confusing and weird I thought romantic relationships are.
It is not that I don't understand love, I do, I experience love myself, that's not the issue. Having a special person makes total sense to me, but...why does it have to be so complicated?
Romantic relationships are tough, man. I don't even know how to explain it because this is something rarely challenged. So, apparently, you meet this person, fall in love with this person, and you enter this commitment of making this human being alone, your top priority (until kids come into the picture, but that's a different topic).
I know what y'all are thinking, "that isn't true" or "it doesn't work like that", but...doesn't it? All relationships are not the same, but there's a controlling, suffocating nature in romance that disturbs me a little bit.
I know I'm gonna get blasted for this, I'm trying to express myself in a respectful manner, I'm not saying romantic relationships are bad, I'm just saying, from my perspective, they're weird. There's so much going on in a relationship, sexual and emotional intimacy, compatibility, attraction, etc. Traditionally they're so many rules and boundaries for relationships that it ends up making them very fragile.
True love is hard to find, well, of course it is. There are so many requirements that need to be met, or else the relationship won't work. There's physical cheating, emotional cheating, having too many friends, not being compatible as housemates, attraction going away because for X or Y reason your appearance changed, etc.
There's so much importance put in this one type of human companionship when it's so unstable. Yes, I understand love makes you blind, makes you want to spend all the time with this person, makes you forget about everyone and everything else...but is it worth it?
For me it isn't, and it is quite sad that culture has made romantic love the center of it all. Because I do crave love and companionship, I do crave the attention and feeling important, but why does it have to be so complicated? What if my special person is my friend? What if I still want to be a priority in people's life despite not dating them?
Anyway, this is just a big rant. It's late and I should go to sleep. Feel free to ignore this lol I'm not really trying to argue or prove anything, just wondering if anyone felt similarly.
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2021.10.28 01:17 fanman5000 Luna the moment my wife sneezed

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2021.10.28 01:17 ar243 Is a Bugatti Chiron more fuel efficient than a Vauxhall? I added more data this time because you all bugged me about it in the last post

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2021.10.28 01:17 ZealousidealYoung7 Why is How to Take Smart Notes so highly recommended?

I'm about halfway through the book and I feel like aside from a few chapters, the book just keeps reiterating similar points using different words or discussing fairly common thoughts and theories.
I am genuinely curious as to why this book is so frequently recommended. Am I missing something? Is it actually worth it to finish reading if I'm not enjoying it for the reasons above?
I'd love to hear others' thoughts.
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2021.10.28 01:17 RareAcanthocephala12 How would you introduce your s/o to your parents if they are not ok with you dating?

I want to know some ideas to share to my friends and use for myself if it happens. Imagine a situation in which the s/o is also the same ethnicity and religion as you.
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2021.10.28 01:17 No-Statement4861 Snake man 🐍

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2021.10.28 01:17 danarbok Is a useless ability better than a detrimental ability? Archeops now gets Anticipation.

Archeops is odd; it has a monster base Attack, and a solid Speed stat, but it also has one of the worst abilities in the game. Even then, it finds itself at A+ rank in PU; yeah, PU’s the lowest usage tier, but Archeops nonetheless finds itself in it, and damn good in the tier as well.
Defeatist is shit. It’s terrible. Fucking garbage. Anticipation is also shit, but in a different way. Whereas Defeatist activity works against the user, Anticipation does pretty much nothing. It is the Splash of abilities.
To what extent does Archeops improve in the tiering rung, if at all, upon receiving Anticipation?
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2021.10.28 01:17 tangentstorm I've been live-coding a presentation tool in an unusual language called J. My latest video has to do with metaprogramming.

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2021.10.28 01:17 Mountainking7 Ladder season

Anyone knows when will the ladder season start?
I planned on making a hammerdin and a frenzy barb (right now have a trapsin) but I am unwilling to lose time (game time limited) to build up 2 more chars and have ladder release after. So, I'm thinking if ladder is planned soon, ill keep my new chars building for the ladder season.
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2021.10.28 01:17 magictrashcan27 Thanks bb

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2021.10.28 01:17 ndwg25 My 5 game overreaction

First off can we please just admit that Turbonis is not and will never work, ever. We need to stop being pussies and decide who tf we want to keep. IMO Turner, but he’s like that girl you keep seeing at college parties and you think you’re about to go all the way but she just ends up sloppily making out with you and leaving with her friends. That’s Turner, basically he gives you blue balls with his potential. Sabonis can be a poor mans Jokic but my God, he’s so bad on defense and LK kind of unathletic. Short arms too.
Duarte is awesome. I like the kid and I wish he was 19 because he’s close to his peak. He’s also smaller than I thought, he’s frame is very thin. He held his own against Jimmy and dude legit plays hard. I’m just afraid he’s thin frame ain’t going hold up against the guys he’s going to have to defend every night. He has to bulk up a little next off season.
Brogdon, oh Brogdon what can I say about the guy. First I can say 0 lateral quickness. He’s good but I just don’t see him making the difference we really need to be competitive. He’s a 3rd option masquerading as a 1st option and we know how that turns out.
Defensively this team stinks. Offensively this team still looks like Nate’s team. You decide which one. Our rotation is sorely missing TJ and Levert. But what difference are they really going to make?
Basically this squad will be lucky to make it out of the play in games (7-10 seed). I don’t really care about this season if I’m being honest. I’m more worried about next season when we’re going to have to start paying some of our core. I swear to the good Lord if we return this same core next year, I will no longer watch games, only check the recaps.
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2021.10.28 01:17 footmama_16 Like my feet?

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2021.10.28 01:17 Itaewon_Comic Party At The Chicken Shop. Oil on Canvas

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