2021.10.28 02:00 febarbosa98 granite-200000f

Estou com esse erro toda vez que eu vou fazer a missão da operações especiais
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2021.10.28 02:00 fearlessmash117 My ideal SO

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2021.10.28 02:00 Polz34 Four years ago today I got my first ever pet Moxley. Best idea ever! Happy anniversary Moxley-Moo ❤️

Four years ago today I got my first ever pet Moxley. Best idea ever! Happy anniversary Moxley-Moo ❤️ submitted by Polz34 to cats [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:00 LoneRhino74 Must really suck to have all this stuff out there, recorded for posterity

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2021.10.28 02:00 DUMBHUMANTRASH I never was worried about the bricked up chimney,

Until the crys started.
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2021.10.28 02:00 Op_sanchit-2811 hello guys i wanted to ask something

i returned after 1 year on my id and saw that there were millions of coins and exilir in my loot cart so i started upgrading things, but still im so rich that more than half of the time storages are filled.
and the bad thing is that im th6 and everywhere i go for attacking tips i see only bigger townhalls so can someone help me with my army deck and attacking tricks, and give an idea to spend exilir and gold
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2021.10.28 02:00 Alexander_Gaddis Help building a religion (for a project)

looking for some creative minds to assist in the creation of a religious doctrine/ practice as a little project. I'm looking for people of all backgrounds bonus if you have "a deep understanding of meme culture". the goal is not to create a recognized religion (although that would be funny) if you want more detailes on the project feel free to shoot me a dm.
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2021.10.28 02:00 KiwiGamer450 Vulkan disabled after driver update

I recently got a new laptop, and whenever I update my graphics drivers, Vulkan games don't launch, and GPU-Z reports that there is no Vulkan compatibility. when I first got it it worked perfectly, now it just does this no matter how many times I DDU it.
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2021.10.28 02:00 Manwsecretz I feel as my family secretly dislikes me and I’m stuck

So all of my life I knew I was gay (I wanna actually say around 5.) No matter who I was around in my family I constantly heard homophobic slurs and them condemning gay people for being themselves. My own mother would discipline my brother for holding his hand a certain way because it was the "way" gay people hold their hands. I came out on my high school yearbook because I was tired of being held down by the shackles of my family. Even though I wasn’t ready I outed myself and ever since I did my family magically isn’t homophobic anymore, or should I say around me lol. Between that and me being depressed which was caused by my mom and dad ruining my life by forcing me and my brother to choose between them over and over was mentally draining literally. My dad was barely in my life growing up and when he got out he had another child by another woman and doesn’t try to fix his relationship with me. He also threatened to have someone assault me over the smallest things countless times since I was in high school which is why I cut contact from him. My grandma doesn’t like me because I called her out on disrespecting my mom when we got along.Then there’s my mom… She shows favoritism to my older brother and repeatedly tries to get in my way of being successful. She ruined my credit by getting cable and not paying over $1000 in my name and now she got a house in my name and owes over $1,100 and I have court for it. On top of that she’s asking me to pay her $300 a month just to stay here because she can’t afford it. My aunts the only one who has my back and she’s been secretly helping me plan to move and get a good job. I’m trying to move to a different state to get away from my so called family but it’s hard when she’s trying to drain me out of my money. What should I do, I don’t want to take my mom to court because that’ll weigh heavy on my conscious but I don’t think I can ever forgive her and my family for messing up my credit and my life.
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2021.10.28 02:00 byakuren-bot 中継:“盛り土”前所有者に強制捜査(日本テレビ系(NNN)) - Yahoo!ニュース - Yahoo!ニュース

中継:“盛り土”前所有者に強制捜査(日本テレビ系(NNN)) - Yahoo!ニュース - Yahoo!ニュース submitted by byakuren-bot to newsokur [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:00 HeartShapedLips Let's settle this. 👅

View Poll
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2021.10.28 02:00 kochavayocheved Inherited a turtle today - tank questions

Today was a weird day, and I've inherited an 11 year old turtle from an acquaintance. I have some experience with turtles long ago, but not a lot.
My question is basically 2 parts - 1) Is a 40g tank likely big enough to see us through based on the facts below? 2) If so, would a 40g standard or 40g breeder be better for this kind of turtle? More surface area or more depth? 3) If a breeder tank would be better, what "normal"-sized stand would work for it? Since it's wider, I'm assuming a "regular" 40g stand wouldn't work.
I spoke with a Petco staff member who's owned turtles for 45 years, and he confirmed my suspicion that it's a male yellow-bellied slider.
Given that the turtle is at least 11 years old (the former owner had it for 11 years), is it safe to assume it won't grow anymore and this is its final size? His shell is only about 4in long, which is below the normally expected adult male size but otherwise appears healthy. (Still locating a vet since my vet doesn't do turtles.)
I know almost nothing about how the turtle was previously kept, but I suspect the conditions weren't great given the circumstances today. I set up a 20g long today to see us through until I could learn more and research. Thank you for the help!
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2021.10.28 02:00 OnTheSpotMMXX Working at a Vegas Casino

I make $11.20 an hour.
Restaurant is understaffed.
Room reservations is understaffed and closes early at 8pm. Used to close at 9pm. Other places closes at midnight.
Only one front desk agent handling phone calls and check ins.
Casino charges for parking and a resort fee of $27 per night per room.
And this is a business that literally sucks up $20 bills every second on the slot machines.
And in the past 7 months the casinos have racked in over $1 billion in casino winnings, if they get to 8 months it will beat 2007 in winnings.
And I make $11.20 an hour after working 6 of those 7 months. No bonuses. No nothing. Just some stupid prizes people won in some guessing game.
And yet you wonder why I am cranky at work?
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2021.10.28 02:00 montanababy62 Close Up Gear Review: Tom Delonge Strat Repair?

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2021.10.28 02:00 Tr1ckyGam1ng2 Rogue Lineage

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2021.10.28 02:00 uhohstinkydavinky Dropping general chem… what about the lab

doing well in the lab but def have to drop general chem lecture. will i be forced to drop the lab too?? i don’t want to drop the lab at all i’ll be under full time, will not receive aid, and am doing well in the class :( please help
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2021.10.28 02:00 BusterWright Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')We got bigger problems 👆🚀🔭👁‍🗨 catch my drift Sir?

Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')We got bigger problems 👆🚀🔭👁‍🗨 catch my drift Sir? submitted by BusterWright to busterwright [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:00 yummybanchan All members - happy happy

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2021.10.28 02:00 TheLight_Knight People buying united spirits heavily before the holidays start have the right kind of idea 😂

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2021.10.28 02:00 arandomguy_1282 dont know what to put in the title

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2021.10.28 02:00 irekimpton Mfw one of the homies needs a frenching

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2021.10.28 02:00 joef3e xQcOW - “Stop getting mad at hoppers”

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2021.10.28 02:00 fab0497 holup

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2021.10.28 02:00 fuckerbdx Rate my gf

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2021.10.28 02:00 matrixxd Legality of selling Perst-4?

Assuming the buyer is compliant with ITAR, is it illegal to sell a used Perst-4 IR laser to someone? Thanks
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