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2021.10.28 02:51 IdahoDuncan Lost

My lover, partner and best friend of the past 11 years doesn’t want to live w me. I want to die. She’s moving to a luxury apartment with a dog washing station.
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2021.10.28 02:51 realborn Free follows!

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2021.10.28 02:51 wakenfakeit Oh I’ll add a fuckin title all right!

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2021.10.28 02:51 GamesAndTunes Google Clock app snooze using volume buttons not working

Since the latest google clock update using the volume buttons to snooze no longer works. Having the issue on my S21 Ultra and my wifes Pixel 6. Any fixes or just hope for an update?
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2021.10.28 02:51 FarestheConic Screw You (Sorry if this was already made)

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2021.10.28 02:51 XtremeD123456789 How is it....(it took me three hours)

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2021.10.28 02:51 Scoutty_Drops Invest in my cat

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2021.10.28 02:51 Smifff_ Compared to other wholesome images and videos this is simple, but it doesn’t make it any less perfect.

Compared to other wholesome images and videos this is simple, but it doesn’t make it any less perfect. submitted by Smifff_ to wholesome [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:51 jioball Logan Paul - Blessed [Pop Rap] (2021)

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2021.10.28 02:51 Killa162 Why can't some of my explo data be sold?

So I sold majority of it, but then there's like 400k credits worth that is red and can't be clicked on to confirm to sell while in station. Is there some kind of jump spacing you need to be from the original system where the data came from or something?
I'm very new to Elite, and Rags to Riches maps out a nice course for you, but just assumes you know how to sell it. It took me forever just to get the FSS to work since I had to find the binding for switching cockpit mode, then had to bind the FSS to spool up. Then had to keybind the FSS binds.
Now I'm stuck on a nice chunk of credits that I can't sell wherever I'm at atm. It's very frustrating since the main bread and butter of the game, aka its systems, aren't explained. But of course they make a cheapy tutorial scenarios that deal nothing with the ACTUAL game. How to start mining, how to properly explo, where to sell these things, how to trade, how to bounty hunt, how to xyz... You get my point.
All I want right now is why can't I sell my data, and why it's "crossed out" or "red" and not allowing me to sell it. But it allowed to sell the other parts of my "page" when I hit sell page. I don't get it.
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2021.10.28 02:51 transponster_22 T : Holy Mother of God, save us

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2021.10.28 02:51 aoosfhelti 19 [M4F] #Snellville - virgin looking for fwb

ok uh i dont really know what im into but im down to try pretty much anything. i want to make u feel good
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2021.10.28 02:51 webNoob13 What are these methods with no return type with the void label?

_setPrefItems(key, data) async { SharedPreferences prefs = await SharedPreferences.getInstance(); prefs.setString(key, data); } initMenuState() { _arrowAnimationControllers = [ AnimationController(vsync: this, duration: Duration(milliseconds: 200)), AnimationController(vsync: this, duration: Duration(milliseconds: 200)), AnimationController(vsync: this, duration: Duration(milliseconds: 200)), AnimationController(vsync: this, duration: Duration(milliseconds: 200)), ]; _arrowAnimations = [ Tween(begin: 0.0, end: pi / 2).animate(_arrowAnimationControllers[0]), Tween(begin: 0.0, end: pi / 2).animate(_arrowAnimationControllers[1]), Tween(begin: 0.0, end: pi / 2).animate(_arrowAnimationControllers[2]), Tween(begin: 0.0, end: pi / 2).animate(_arrowAnimationControllers[3]), ]; for (int i = 0; i < _arrowAnimationControllers.length; i++) { _arrowAnimationControllers[i].forward(); } for (int i = 0; i < menuCount; i++) menu.add(false); menu[0] = true; for (int i = 0; i < settingMenuCount; i++) settingMenu.add(false); for (int i = 0; i < restaurantMenuCount; i++) restaurantMenu.add(false); for (int i = 0; i < roomKeyMenuCount; i++) roomKeyMenu.add(false); for (int i = 0; i < manualMenuCount; i++) manualMenu.add(false); content.add(Home()); content.add(Facility(initialProcess)); content.add(Stay()); content.add(Restaurant()); content.add(GuestSearchView()); content.add(QrIssue()); content.add(ItemManage(getRequestCount)); content.add(CardKeyIssue()); content.add(CylinderKeyIssue()); content.add(MealCoupon()); content.add(MobileOrderQrIssue()); content.add(RestaurantReservation()); } initialProcess() async { try { Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: 1), () { getRequestCount(false); }); await API().get('/mgmt/accounts').then((response) async { if (response["status"] == 0) { if (facilities.length == 0) { facilities.clear(); for (var r in response["data"]["facilities"]) { facilities.add(r); } } setState(() { 
I just joined a project and these methods are in

class _HomePageState extends State with TickerProviderStateMixin { 
I have never seen this before. This is done throughout the project. The indentation should all be at the same level although my copy and paste job makes it look like they are not. Shouldn't every method with no return type be labelled void?
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2021.10.28 02:51 Moonstar2924 Considered divorce after Lexapro?

I’ve been on Lexapro after 7 weeks now and I’m definitely seeing a big change in the idgaf factor. I’ve been unhappy in my marriage for a long time but always worked through it mainly because of the kids. I recently had a mental breakdown that pretty much resolved around my marriage which ultimately led me to finally speaking honestly with my doctor and sought out talk therapy. I’m finally open to the idea of divorce and I’m not in a sobbing mess. I’m not sure if it’s the medication, but just curious if anyone else finally got the courage to leave and know that it will be ok?
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2021.10.28 02:51 Greys_Fan43251 Should i take over the Katzen?

So im playing with giastructural engineering and the Katzen are nearby on Flusion and i have heard they aint good later on so should I wipe them out now? will that ruin a big feature of the mod or what i wanna get as much out of the mod as i can but i also dont wanna ruin my galaxy? so should i like vassalise them i have the fleetpower to do so if i really wanted to ive so far wiped out one fallen empire so i can manage them now but im not sure i will always be able to!
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2021.10.28 02:51 ZoolShop Cramer rejects calls to break up Big Tech, says U.S. government is wrong to target it

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2021.10.28 02:51 BurnmaNeeGrow where are the fucking updates you stupid cunts

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2021.10.28 02:51 Southern_Recording_6 This is my dva play of the game on ps4 in a qp match and it’s the one video I go to make me feel better about my dva plays.

This is my dva play of the game on ps4 in a qp match and it’s the one video I go to make me feel better about my dva plays. submitted by Southern_Recording_6 to Overwatch [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 02:51 StruggleNurse666 Halloween!

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2021.10.28 02:51 teresh_vasyl Heidi Klum 10/27/2021

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2021.10.28 02:51 Wend424 Porn and food industries

Almost 3 years ago I gave up eating junk food and sugar (it is on the white bread and pasta too).
I lost 22kg and I felt like having bought a brand new body (and a clearer mind) after many years of obesity (not severe but limitating) it wasnt easy to change habits... I dreamed (literaly dreaming) of cakes and sweets during the first weeks. My brain was asking for that "food" so much!!
I started weeks ago my Journey to give up PMO and I see many similarities beetween these 2 industries.

  1. They both want you to buy their products or consume them.
  2. Both produces products which are similar in some way to the natural ones but makes your brain feeling more intense than would feel if choosing the natural way. They are design that way.
  3. Both create products that affect your health in a bad way but the problems do not appear suddenly, but in a few months or years.
  4. Both industries separarte us from enjoying the natural products. A person used to eat junk food or food with lots of sugar, will not enjoy a healthy salad.
  5. Their products are not seen nowadays as such a big problem. But they may cause addiction. They are design for that. Artificial flavours for making the mind go crazy. Specially harmful for young Boys or Kids. Their brains are in process of growing.
  6. When you stop consuming them, after some weeks or months you will find yourself not being able even to watch them anymore and will think "How I ever could enjoy this?? How anyone can find this appeling?"
There are for sure more somilarrities and more industries who cause pain in our body and mind...bi just talked about what I experienced.
Fashion industry, cosmetc industry, games industry, mobile Phone industry, entertaiment industry,...
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2021.10.28 02:51 jownsnow7 did us dirty

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2021.10.28 02:51 PropagateLight The Hoarder (Movie Trailer)

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2021.10.28 02:51 greatestmofo M'sian gynaecologist creates 'world's first unisex condom'

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2021.10.28 02:51 whittyd63 ULPT: How does my partner get out of returning to in office?

My partner works as a fraud analyst for a bank at one of their processing centers ( it’s a large building with over 3000 people working there,) they have had a conversation about returning to office after the first of the year for a few days a week. He would have a commute time of roughly 2hours (local transit) and more distractions at work hindering his performance, he does not trust his coworkers to be honest about vax status, (he is fully vaxxed and plans on getting boosters, but it’s not impossible to still contract/pass especially to elderly people like my Gram we see one a week.) We’d like to avoid him back at all, what can we say or do to allow for his WFH permanently?
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