ITAP of a girl on a plane

2021.10.28 00:51 Key-Bell8173 ITAP of a girl on a plane

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2021.10.28 00:51 confused_birdie I’m stopping it.

I went on bumble and did way better than I expected, even when using shitty pics. It’s not my appearance that’s the problem. It’s me.
I’ve stopped identifying as an incel and I just wanna be a normal person for now as my love life isn’t as bad as I thought. Goodbye inceldom. I don’t wanna be sad anymore.
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2021.10.28 00:51 Roznasty [UltraSun] Pre Olivia complete. Next island, here I come

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2021.10.28 00:51 denali_HD2020 5'10" 193lbs. Posted earlier. This is a leg shot request.

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2021.10.28 00:51 Rigubeo117 Guild Español

Hola a todos, si quieren unirse a una guild orientada principalmente a jugadores que hablamos español, son bienvenidos, estamos en el server de Tipra Chonlai y somos saqueadores(Marauders)
mi nombre en el juego es Rigubeo, agregame si quieres unirte
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2021.10.28 00:51 scocopat Anyone else notice how wizzards wear muggle attire all the time? but then in other parts they're made to seem like they've no idea what in the world it is?

This is one of the plot holes that bothers me the most just because it's constant.
While reading I was taking notes of what they wear in in my head and so lets see if I can remember it all.
First and the biggest to me is glasses, madam pomfrey can heal cracked skulls and regrow bones so why in the world can't she fix eyes? also, there are, rings, necklaces, tiaras, dresses, night gowns, hats, gloves/mittens, sweaters, scarves, cloaks/coats, goggles, I think the quidditch uniform had trousers, shoes, socks, ties and I'm sure more

in the books jk often describes how terrible wizzards are at dressing up as muggles when really, they wear loads of the same stuff. I may be wrong in some places but still
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2021.10.28 00:51 WhyUReadMe13 Let's talk ahead of Full Gear

Am I the only one who thinks it's too soon for Lucha Bros to drop the belts. They just won them lest than a month ago, I feel like they should drop them to Pride and Powerful at Revolution or DoN. I respect FTR, but they had there time as champ, but I feel like PnP should be next.
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2021.10.28 00:51 AppropriateDiamond74 Great template, flm!

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2021.10.28 00:51 AwesomeRyanGame Superbam on YoutTube

Superbam copyrighted me too. I just started picking up pace in the summer of 2021 where one of my videos blew UP my other videos were also getting pushed into the recommened to i capitalised on that and reliazed another video (these videos were eddsworld btw that only had small amounts of eddsworld material) it did pretty good getting around 30K before Superbam copyright striked it for having eddsworld. I found out that Superbam isnt even related to eddsworld. has anything like this happen to anyone else?
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2021.10.28 00:51 CassieLayne_ Going live! Come hang. Following everyone back!
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2021.10.28 00:51 Tomahawkchunker_ This is a picture I took at sea while on a cruise

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2021.10.28 00:51 ThatOneKid1416 [IIL] itsoktocry album "pastelgore" [WEWIL]

This album or whatever you want to call it is so great to me I'm not entirely sure how to describe the genre except as hyperpop trap mabye, but even then I can't get many results, I especially like the weird dystopian future feeling that comes from alot of the songs like pop locks and drop dead or headset radio future (different album ik) if anybody knows of any similarly weird sounding artists or albums then I'd greatly appreciate some guidance lol
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2021.10.28 00:51 SignificantTune1635 W/F/L? (Adopt Me for Robux)

Ik this isn't really a cross trading post, but it's a cross trading question! Me: 3k robux Them: 2 Mega Cows W/F/L? Their going first btw
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2021.10.28 00:51 poopscootboogie2 Ertz vs GB or Tonyan vs AR?

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2021.10.28 00:51 Michael_smt Human schlatt concept

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2021.10.28 00:51 ContentForager JU from r/clevercomebacks. This is neither clever nor is it a comeback (/r/JustUnsubbed)

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2021.10.28 00:51 CanisIupus [Yumi5469] Sword colours

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2021.10.28 00:51 cherrim98 Sometimes I wish we went back to the days where it seemed like Nintendo cared.

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2021.10.28 00:51 beeswarmpokemybutt YES i got my translator time to talk to the stick bug

YES i got my translator time to talk to the stick bug
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2021.10.28 00:51 Thumbs0fDestiny Hardcore Homies Only

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2021.10.28 00:51 KsiiatheGOAT Would really appreciate some peoples opinions

Hello!!! I’m very new here!! I was directed here by a friend when I asked him how good the emulation is on the legends ultimate arcade machine and how would I go about it. He said I should ask some members in this subreddit and they should be able to help me! I’m VERY interested in this machine and I’m so close to buying it but I want to know what all I can emulate on this machine
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2021.10.28 00:51 dankbeansss another dclinpsy question :<

sorry for posting here so frequently, it's infuriating trying to get through to UoA with questions only to get automated responses from the one person i'm redirected to.
is it even possible to go from a BAdvSci to try to gain entry into DClinPsy or do i have to do a BSc or BA honours year. there isn't any mention of it anywhere but i don't see why this wouldn't be a pathway.
thanks reddit <3
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2021.10.28 00:51 NBA_acc Is it possible that Tatum demands a trade to DC to play with his childhood friend Bradley Beal?

We all know how disappointing last season was for the Celtics. After being a perennial home court ECF contender, they dropped to the 7 seed and had to win a play-in game to make the playoffs. This season it isn't looking much better. Despite the talent of the Jays, the Celtics are looking clunky and might get passed by their Eastern contemporaries like the Bulls, Wizards, and Hornets, just like the Hawks and Knicks passed them last season.
With the Celtics spinning their wheels, is it possible Tatum demands a trade to play with his childhood friend Bradley Beal in DC? Wizards looking like a solid playoff team so far with a revamped roster and a new coach. And that's with Beal playing like trash being hampered by some injury instead of slashing and getting layups at will like he normally does. Tatum might be the piece needed to make them a contender.
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2021.10.28 00:51 WarWolf343 [Artwork] Wonder Woman vs. Cyclops. Art by Patrick Zircher.

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2021.10.28 00:51 torrenter_11 It's been 7 days since I've started no fap. Today I've got this killer urge to fap. Help help

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