How about a raid in r/againstmensrights on Sunday just spam feminists suck

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2021.10.28 02:13 SUPANOOBPRO How about a raid in r/againstmensrights on Sunday just spam feminists suck

: )
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2021.10.28 02:13 BlueWhaleKing This is the hour in which either IzuOcha falls, or IZUOCHA *RISES!*

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2021.10.28 02:13 holyguaxamole You probably shouldn’t upgrade to the new AirPods

Ok I know it might be obvious but if you’re someone like me, these new airpods looked like a fun thing to buy and try out even though I have pros. I got them today and let me tell you lmao…. coming from the pros these are noticeably worse.
So I’m gonna try and keep this relatively concise cuz no one has time to read a dissertation on airpods lol but here’s a list of things I could tell were different:
1) the fit is awkward: it’s like if you put your pros in without the tips on
2) the sound quality is worse: since there’s no eartips the sound is noticeably worse on the new airpods compared to the pros
3) the sound is quieter: also because of the eartips, the sound in the new airpods seem quieter even at the same sound levels. Basically you’ll have to increase the volume more on the new ones and I’d assume there are adverse health effects with that
4) idk exactly how to explain it but like you could hear your hair rub against the little vent thing the same way you would if you had transparency on the pros (I hope y’all know what I mean by this lol cuz it bugs me)
So yeah I see a lot of people on here saying that these are basically like the pros just without noise canceling and I just wanted to make it clear that it’s not true.
If you have pros definitely don’t get these and if you don’t have AirPods I’d seriously consider dishing the extra $40 (Amazon has a sale btw) for the the pros instead if I were you. Honestly even the new features for these new AirPods aren’t even that great I would even say if you got the 2nd gen or even 1st gen AirPods you could probably skip out on them too 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
TL;DR - you probably don’t need to upgrade to the new AirPods.
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2021.10.28 02:13 DollyDollWorld A few pieces from a giant lot that I'm the most curious about, anybody have ideas? They're mostly Barbie but some are a bit smaller. 😊

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2021.10.28 02:13 Haarflaq22 OOTP 22 is on sale on Steam right now for anyone interested

I don't know if this post is allowed, but it's 75% off.
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2021.10.28 02:13 HalfAnEggplant The Legend of Polka returns with a season 2! It's a great comedy variety show starring Polka with full english subs on all episodes, check it out if you haven't yet!!

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2021.10.28 02:13 jdathescore I just found out that a family I know with 5 kids has never been to Disneyland. When MOASS happens, I want to send them to the happiest place on earth….

These are the types of things I want to do when MOASS happens. Yeah, I’ll pay off the house, pay my student loans and those of my kids, but I have a great life and do t care about Lambos and such. I want to find out little things like this and make it happen. I want to help people and also bring some magic to peoples lives. This is what I want to do. Full time. I want it to happen. That’s all. Just sharing a bit. Thanks
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2021.10.28 02:13 Mastrblastr68 Is Mogis, God of Slaughter any good in commander?

Pretty much the title, been thinking about making a new deck. My playgroup is semi casual if that helps
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2021.10.28 02:13 chandradez I wanted to show off my Chinese-Indonesian dress (Qipao batik mix)!

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2021.10.28 02:13 fearlessmash117 Good night everyone

Today’s my last day in USA, I’m moving to Calgary,Alberta, Canada sooo I might be online less the next week or 2 and if I am then best of lucks friends, romans and countryman… and Tinks
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2021.10.28 02:13 MaroonBean I am over fine

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2021.10.28 02:13 infinitycore Dread Final Review (after 100%) [spoilers]

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! If you for some reason haven't yet played Dread and stayed away from all spoilers (how?), then don't read past the summary; I will try to give a gist of everything there without giving away anything.
Please understand that I very much enjoyed the game, it was amazing. Just because I have much more to say about what I didn't like than I do about what I did does not mean that I didn't like the game. Also, if you disagree with what I liked/didn't like, great! Realize that everyone has different opinions and tastes, that being said I will try to back up and explain my reasoning why I don't like what I didn't like.
SUMMARY: Dread is an amazing game. Is it the best Metroid? No, it isn't even the best 2D Metroid. Is it worth the price? Abso-fucking-lutely, very replayable, first playthrough can last you a good 10+ hours (I ended with 11:40). Is it hard? Depends, will explain below. Is it the hardest Metroid? No, nothing tops the original or Metroid II. Do I recommend? Duh!

THE BAD: (again, keep in mind that despite all of these, I still loved the game)
Now that you've seen the good parts of the EMMI and level design, EMMI zones are a giant issue. The fact that the EMMI are relegated off to large sections of each area breaks these areas up making them feel smaller than they actually are and very disjointed. Then, when you've cleared the EMMI, the zones feel awkwardly empty (even though they now have normal enemies scattered amongst them) to the point where they feel disconnected with the rest of the world, like a totally different game. Their level design is so focused entirely on layouts that give the player enough ways to avoid the EMMI, that when each is defeated, these areas basically go entirely to waste.
I honestly think it would have been a better (and scarier) idea to not have EMMI zones at all, let the player explore an area to get a good idea of the layout, and then through a cutscene let the player know that the EMMI has been let loose in the area; now the only safe places are the various save rooms and elevator rooms (this is actually kind of how I hope Prime 4 works, but that is for a future post). It would make each area feel more cohesive and make the game all the more tense. Is it any wonder that Burenia is my favorite area with it having no EMMI at all.
While the in game feel of the controls is great, holy shit the control scheme sucks balls. In Samus Returns, it made sense because you only had one stick to work with (unless you had a New 3DS or a circle pad pro, but one would require using the nub which was only ever utilized well as camera controls and the other was something almost no one had) so they had to figure out a workaround to fit everything in. But then, whose great idea was it to simply reuse that same layout here instead of looking at the Switch and figuring out a better way to utilize each button and stick?
First things first, let's go through each button:
That being said, the game really should have at least had alternate control schemes if not let the player re-map controls in game. Super Metroid had this, but apparently we can't on Switch. In the end I ended up re-mapping the controls in the Switch settings to be more comfortable, and while it still wasn't perfect, it was a VAST improvement over the base scheme.
What I did:
Another thing that Super did that I wish was in Dread was allow the player to turn off abilities; yes it is very situational. But, the jury still being out as far as I know on whether the storm missiles do less damage than the ice missiles, I wish I could have turned them off for some parts, especially the bosses (if it is indeed the case) because I ended up not being able to aim the ice missiles reliably without them going straight to the storm missiles.
And yes, you will get used to the base control scheme, you can get used to any control scheme, but that doesn't mean that more thought shouldn't be put into making one that makes the most sense for the layout of the controller and game feel.
I hate the Metroid suit's design. To me it doesn't say "Metroid" at all, it just looks vaguely crustacean. I also think it is rather ugly. Granted it has grown on me a bit. At first, I considered it easily the worst in the series, but now I would at least put it over the dark suit and fusion suit (the fusion varia suit is by far the worst, puke green 🤮 ). Also, going off of this, the cutscene where Samus goes berserk just didn't work for me. I get that it was trying to be serious, but the eyes, yells, and janky squirming came off as more funny than anything. It made Samus look a little less badass (and by "a little" I really mean a considerable amount, but not enough to undo the rest of the game's badass-ness). Mind you, it did make her a bit more endearing to me, was sort of silly cute, but it totally missed the mark it was going for.
I don't know whose idea it was to make every fucking boss and miniboss fight a war of attrition, but holy crap. This game has some of the weirdest difficulty I have seen in any game. Unless you get good at shinesparking in boss fights, every boss is a damage sponge, making each fight last much longer than it needs to. Experiment No. Z-57 easily takes more than 100 missiles to beat, hell the freaking robot chozo take a good 30+ each. This in turn with moves that are difficult to learn the patterns of and dodge make the first time going through the bosses pretty damn frustrating. And yet, many if not all of the bosses end up feeling jokingly easy when you do figure out the patterns or the tricks (some might say this is a good thing, I would rather it be a happy middle ground). Couple that with the fact that most of the boss fights have multiple stages, where if you die you have to start the entire fight over, makes it rather demoralizing, particularly if you get to the last hit and die because you missed a counter.
Speaking of which, requiring a successful counter to win a boss fight is stupid. It's nothing more than the same QTEs that everyone complained about in the mid 2000s-mid 2010s in games like RE4 & 5 and the Uncharted series; they were bad then and they are bad now. At least, missing the counters doesn't immediately kill you or end the battle, but it still could mean the difference between winning and having to start the entire fight over.
I guess the best word I could use to describe the bosses is "cheap;" they go from unfair to a joke in no time flat (and yet still take WAAAAAAY too long). Case in point Golzuna, I couldn't figure out how to even make a dent until I realized you could slide under him; then I beat him easily in only a few more tries.
Also, bosses do WAY too much damage. Energy tanks almost feel pointless in the game when getting one basically means you will survive one extra hit. Some of the bosses actually took so many tries that when I finally beat them, it went completely past the triumphant feeling of satisfaction and more into an empty feeling that it wasn't worth the time it took.
While the music was fitting, it wasn't anything to scream about, I won't remember it a week from now, and yes, that is a bad thing. I miss the catchy tunes from the other games and was very much hoping we would get some good new ones. Also, while on the subject, the credits theme does not fit the game AT ALL, it doesn't fit with the rest of the score, it doesn't fit the mood, it sounds like a bad midi with the synth instrumentation (just compare it to the credits of any of the Prime games, especially the original). It is more befitting of something you would hear in Zelda than Metroid.
And now for my biggest beef of all (oh boy), I hate that Samus is a metroid; I hated it in Fusion and it is even worse here (especially because it is basically the point of the plot). I think it is an awful decision both narratively and game-design-wise going forward. I would honestly prefer if future games found some excuse to somehow bring metroids back to this (and I think it is possible with living chozo, they made them once, they can do it again).
First off, I've heard the reasoning, "well 'Metroid' means 'ultimate warrior' and so Samus being a metroid means she is now the 'ultimate warrior'." That's stupid. Samus shouldn't need to become a metroid in order to be that "ultimate warrior." What's more powerfule character-wise, someone who is incredible because they are basically given a super serum or someone who overcomes adversity to become incredible through sheer force of will? I would argue the second. Also, I put forth this quandary: who is more powerful, the ultimate warrior or the warrior that takes the ultimate warrior out? Samus was already more of an ultimate warrior for having taken the Metroids out completely without needing metroid DNA to do it.
And that's not to mention the story problems if it is left as is. Did Quiet Robe's DNA give Samus the ability to control the metroid powers but not reduce their potency? If so, then what is the point of future stories or games if she is now basically an unstoppable force who can basically just berserk her way through entire planets by just sapping everything of its energy. That's stupid. It basically means that every enemy she would now have to face would have to be able to withstand the metroid powers, otherwise she's just holding back for shits and giggles. This leads to a power creap that lessens the original threat of metroids in the first place, if there are things that can hold their own against a metroid if not beat them without much problem, then the metroids status as "ultimate warrior" is pulled into question and their impact on the series as a whole. Gameplay-wise, this would be more of a slap in the face than Adam's authorizations in Other M because now Samus would be limiting herself all in the name of making the game not stupidly easy and boring to match.
As such, what if it isn't the case that she can control the powers at the same potency? This means either she is inevitably doomed to Hulk out again but be able to calm down, which has the same issues as if she can control the powers at full strength, or that her powers have been brought back to pre-Dread levels. But if so, what was the point of Dread in this regard? First, you would absolutely need to explain this going forward, which would be confusing to the point of absurdity. And second, what would be the point of having the metroid powers but only at a much weaker strength? I guess you could use it as a sort of finisher move, whereby if you get an enemy weak enough, you can heal yourself by sucking their energy, but then what is the difference between that and just picking up the energy that they drop when killed? I'm not saying that there aren't ideas that can come from this (I am saying that about if she can control it at Dread endgame levels), just that you end up back to square one where you might as well just write it out entirely.
But then of course creates the issue of how to write it out. If it were left out of Dread, I'm guessing no one would have batted an eye, but now (while there may still be people who don't care about the why if it never appears again) you need to explain it, which has about as good a chance as angering the fan base as it does to make sense story-wise. Let's say that Quiet Robe's DNA brought Samus back to pre-Dread levels. OK, why would she not just go berserk again, leading to those same aforementioned problems? It doesn't work. Ok, maybe her system ends up outright rejecting the foreign DNA like can happen with donor organs. That feels like a bit of a cop out. Alright, maybe the Federation gives her an ultimatum to have it neutralized or become the galaxy's most wanted basically turning her into the bad guy (and yes, though she would still be the protagonist, she would be the bad guy, I'm mostly just sick of the Federation being portrayed as inept or corrupt and want them to remain on the good side. Think about it, if she now opposes the Federation, she is in the same boat as the space pirates, albeit for different reasons, the faction that she has spent a large portion of her life working to defeat). This one makes the most sense to me, though it would also kind of feel like a cop out by basically ruling some of the events in Dread pointless, which, lets face it, would inevitably piss off some portion (if not most) of the fanbase. But with this, it could make sense with her character, knowing that she could go berserk, knowing how dangerous she could be, and wanting to remain in the Federation's good graces, go along with it. Or, maybe she now has to prove to the Federation that she is not a threat, but that again brings up the problems mentioned earlier. Whatever the case, this has kind of written the story into a wall as to where it could go from here. I for one, think it is worth pulling the bandaid off quickly with at least one of these because at least it would only hurt for a little while (worst case scenario, we end up with another Other M, Lord help us).
Finally, we have the issue with being weak to ice, which is admittedly the smallest issue. I always liked the idea that only the larval stage was weak to ice due to its gelatinous structure, but oh well, that has been retconned. So, what is the issue with being weak to ice? Unless it is handled carefully you will end up with either a Dread situation, where there is so little ice that it almost makes it pointless, or you set yourself up with a case of the aforementioned "Maridia syndrome" locking you out of an entire area until you get the upgrade needed to neutralize the ice. In this regard, Fusion did it better, by tying it into the varia suit instead of the gravity suit, but then what is the difference between ice rooms and hot rooms? So I would go with a solution that makes it more akin to Dark Aether than anything else. Without the varia suit, both cold and hot deal damage while being in the room. With the varia suit, Samus can withstand heat except for lava, whereas cold doesn't damage you but slows you down and uses up energy to take shots. Then the gravity suit negates it all. Granted this is only if it we stick with Samus being a metroid, and honestly it would just be easier to write it out and ignore the whole ice problem entirely IMO.
I also hate that it basically made the meme "why can't metroid crawl?" officially canon.
OTHER THOUGHTS: In the end, my order from best to worst would be Prime, Samus Returns tied with AM2R and the original Metroid II, Dread tied with Zero Mission, Prime 3, Prime Hunters, Super, Prime 2, Fusion, Federation Force, the OG Metroid, and in dead and distant last Other M (may that game rot in hell for all eternity)
sorry for the essay (this took an entire day to get my thoughts together and write)
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2021.10.28 02:13 coinmonks Cream Hacked, $108 M stolen in Flashloan Attack | Bitcoin News 28/10/21

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2021.10.28 02:13 ClassicPackage Never knew Laurence Fishburne was in Nightmare On Elm street 3 till tonight. Quite the surprise watching this movie marathon with my teen.

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2021.10.28 02:13 Aoxxt2 Elon Musk Throws a S--t Fit Over the Possibility of Being Taxed His Fair Share | As a reminder, Musk was worth $287 billion as of yesterday and paid nothing in income taxes in 2018.

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